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Kate Bowditch, MA, LMHC.    

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The Tree ‘n’ Me

I am Kate Bowditch, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist who lives and practices in Washington State. I teach and lecture throughout the US. I’ve published in Outlook Magazine, The Journal of American Bonsai, The Hypnogram, and Circle Magazine. I have been a columnist for both Hypno-News and Voice of Choices and published three books.

I am Pagan, and have held public ceremony at home and out in natural settings. Lately, I am more private about that, and still walk the Earth with gratitude. I deeply understand both the workings of the mind, and the interconnectedness of all things. As a Pagan, I believe we have the right and the power to influence the outcome of circumstance, and to communicate with the natural world.

In 2008, I published 20-20 Insight, Advanced Theory and Practice of Hypnosis, a book about how the subconscious mind works. It’s based on my work as a hypnotherapist over the last 20 or more years. (see “Books by the Author” for descriptions of my books.)

The Mountain and the Shadow, A Pagan’s Journey Into Death came in 2010. This is the journal of amazement that I kept as my husband battled cancer. He decided to walk the Final Journey without chemicals, and with incredible grace.

The Ghosts of Newgrange, Ancient Ceremony Remembered, 2011, is a record of Past Life Experiences, surrounding the earlient hours of Irish history, in a magical place (and tourist attraction) called The Mound of Newgrange, near Dublin, Ireland. These experiences have helped rebuild the early ceremony there, revealing the foundations of the Pagan Way for those of us who follow the northern-European lineage. This book re-defines Newgrange as the Heart and Mother of our lineage, our great ancestral spiritual home.

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I invite you to visit all the pages of this site and this blog, to think about its subject matter, and to comment freely. The main subject is the event we call death, and all the wonders and experiences surrounding and following it.  Are we not forever and always ending and beginning? I do hope you will join this discussion! Kate

PS! Please visit my other web-site, Kate Bowditch.com. I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Writer. It is both my official site and my blog, with articles to help us all continue “Turning Towards Happiness”–because to do so requires daily practice!

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